About JobXSite

Sometimes to find the perfect candidate you have to think small! That is what niche recruiting is all about.

Specialization saves everyone time and money! Whether unemployment hovers in the low, single digits or spikes to unprecedented double digits, hiring managers may overlook amazing talent or spend enormous amounts of time sorting through hundreds of unqualified applications. JobXSite can help to cut down on the pre-screening process, and target only those most qualified and most passionate about their career field. Most of our candidates are not “on the market”; they are busy solving problems, improving processes, designing, managing projects, and leading teams.

Top talent is always hard to find. We know you don’t need our help to find the unemployed – you need our help to find the GAME CHANGERS – the TOP PERFORMERS – the A PLAYERS in the Metal Buildings Industry:

  • Detailers
  • Checkers
  • Estimators
  • Engineers
  • Sales
  • Management

JobXSite Team

Shari Kearney

Shari Kearney

Shari Kearney is the owner of JobXSite with responsibility for all business areas, enterprise accountability, marketing, and operations. She also maintains a full-cycle recruitment desk.

Fun Facts!

  • I am a proud USAF military brat that married an Army brat! Even more interesting is that I attended 4 different high schools – 2 in England. Go LCHS Bobcats!
  • I enjoy hunting pheasants behind our pointers and setters (well… if the weather is nice enough), so much so that we eloped during hunting season and got married in our favorite field!
  • I love, love, love being a recruiter! It took getting fired from a long-term career, graduating from college as an adult, and getting recruited to be an agency recruiter to find my dream job!
Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard
Recruitment Team Administrator

JobXSite welcomed Michael in February 2018, as an Executive Recruiter. In 2019, Michael assumed all creative and marketing responsibilities for HeadhunterGear (check out his fun, funny, snarky and even naughty designs at headhuntergear.com). In 2020, he transitioned from Recruiter to JobXSite’s Team Administrator and supports all recruitment activities. (He keeps us on task!)

Fun Facts!

  • I love birds and enjoy educating others about our Annual Sandhill Crane migration and the importance of the Platte River ecosystem. My caller ID is “birdwatcher”.
  • My house is a zoo with 3 dogs (Milton, Fiona and Gary) and a tortoise (Woodchip).
  • I am a LEGO enthusiast. Actually, I may have a problem with collecting mini figs!

Executive Recruiter

Matthew has been a full-desk recruiter with JobXSite since May 2017. He relocated to Grand Island, Nebraska from Michigan and brings expertise in marketing and graphic design. Matthew offers outstanding customer service, process focus, and an unmatched sense of urgency which will benefit both our candidates and clients.

Fun Facts!

  • Good Bourbon, good BBQ, and great friends is my ideal way to spend my time. In that order… Just kidding. Or am I?
  • I am a car guy but not a gear head. I can’t fix them when I break them, but I love driving them. A well restored classic car is a rolling sculpture to me. Building LEGO is my stress relief hobby. By my collection, it would seem I need to relieve a lot of stress!
  • Life is an adventure, and I love it. Road trips and meeting new people are my most fond memories.