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Sometimes to find the perfect candidate you have to think small! That is what niche recruiting is all about.

Specialization saves everyone time and money as the current unemployment hovers in the low, single digits. In competitive markets like these, hiring managers may overlook amazing talent or spend enormous amounts of time sorting through hundreds of unqualified applications. JobXSite can help to cut down on the pre-screening process, and target only those most qualified and most passionate about their career field. Most of our candidates are not “on the market”; they are busy solving problems, improving processes, designing, managing projects, and leading teams.

Top talent is always hard to find. We know you don’t need our help to find the unemployed – you need our help to find the GAME CHANGERS – the TOP PERFORMERS – the A PLAYERS in:

  • Diesel Technology
  • Industrial / Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Maintenance

JobXSite Team


Baileigh Ostermeier, Marketing Assistant

Baileigh became a part of the JobXSite team in May of 2017. She is an experienced Marketing Assistant with specific expertise in business development and diverse recruitment streams. Skilled in Customer Service, Sales, Online Marketing, Leadership, and Community Outreach, Baileigh is an excellent partner and advisor for our Midwest Manufacturing partners.

Fun Facts!

  • I lived in San Diego for two years and hope to move back someday!
  • I am a mom of two – but one of my babies has fur!
  • I have a slight obsession with cactus’s!
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Tiffany Hartford, Team Administrator

Tiffany joined the JobXSite team in June 2016 as the Team Administrator and Researcher. Having worked with JobXSite previously, in an Executive Recruiter role, Tiffany brings intimate knowledge of full cycle recruitment. Combined with her background in Education and Community Programming, and her contagiously positive attitude, she will be sure to streamline processes and communications and ultimately improve services offered to candidates and clients.

Fun Facts!

  • I LOVE Nebraska weather! After growing up in Southern California where the worst we saw was wind and some fires, the novelty of scooping snow and chasing thunderstorms has not worn off!
  • I am the only girl in a home of 5 boys, unless you count the puppy!
  • I would rather be chasing my kids around a Renaissance Festival somewhere!
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Matthew Tubbs, Executive Recruiter

Matthew has been a full-desk recruiter with JobXSite since May 2017. He relocated to Grand Island from Michigan, and brings expertise in marketing and graphic design. Having extensive experience in management a full service digital print facility servicing a healthcare system, with 25+ locations and over 5000 employees, Matthew offers outstanding customer service, process focus, and an unmatched sense of urgency which will benefit both our candidates and clients.

Fun Facts!

  • I am a little bit of a Foodie. BBQ, Mexican and Italian are my favorites. Bourbon and Craft Beers are also passions.
  • I am a car guy. I am not mechanically inclined in the least but I love anything on wheels. A well restored classic car is rolling sculpture to me.
  • Life is an adventure for me. I love getting out to experience new things, travel, meeting new people.
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Megan Lundberg, Executive Recruiter

Megan has been a full-desk recruiter with JobXSite since August 2016. She relocated from Lincoln to Grand Island, and brings 10+ years of Sales and Business Management experience. Her strong customer service and problem solving skills, as well as her interpersonal and organizational drive for excellence will ensure she is a value-added partner for her candidates and clients.

Fun Facts!

  • I have four sisters, of the five of us four are twins! My dad is also a twin.
  • I love to be outdoors boating, camping, and snow skiing.
  • I was born and raised in Nebraska and I have never lived anywhere else.
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Shari Kearney

Shari Kearney, Principal

Shari Kearney is the President at JobXSite with responsibility for all business areas, enterprise accountability, marketing, and operations. She also maintains a full-cycle recruitment desk, and serves as the primary contact for the professional resume writing functions of the business.

Fun Facts!

  • I am a proud USAF military brat who married an Army brat!
  • I enjoy hunting (well… if the weather is nice enough).
  • I love, love, love being a recruiter!
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