Location : Kearney, NE
Job Type : Fulltime/Salary

Works closely and travels with the OE Sales department to give technical assistance and specify filtration needs and/or designs for OEM and private label customers. Responsible for the design and development of new products and/or system. Has special proficiency to work on the most advanced and complex engineering projects. Projects will be managed from conception level through release for production. Provides assistance and training to new personnel when required.


1. Utilizes skill and knowledge in product applications and manufacturing operations in the design and development of products that are manufactured from the most effective and cost efficient materials.

2. Researches product application requirements and specifications.

3. Conveys information on new or updated products to the involved departments and personnel.

4. Works with the OE group in traveling to customer accounts identifying customer needs and communicating those needs to the Engineering group to develop. Acts as the liaison between the OE and Engineering groups.

5. Works with manufacturing, purchasing, and sales on selecting new materials and processes for new and existing items.

6. Issues requests for parts and assembly detail drawings. May assist in completing drawings.

7. Approves quality assurance reports covering the initial production of parts and products.

8. Directs maintenance of certain department technical data on component parts, customer blueprints, and specifications.

9. Responsible for meeting with customers and suppliers to discuss matters relating to new product and part specifications.

10. Provides assistance and training in the use of engineering tools and equipment.

11. Performs other related duties as required. Includes the following:
a) Reviews and analyzes competitor products as they are submitted.
b) Reviews account sales for those involving private brand packaging, unique components or materials.
c) Prepares reports on new product inquiries.
d) Provides support to Production & Quality Assurance in resolving problems.

12. Is responsible for quality and safety of own work and compliance of all company procedures and policies.

Technical Skills: Proficiency with personal computers, including CAD and other applicable software. Knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology and 5+ years experience in engineering.
Travel: Ability to travel globally with short notice.


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