Location : Grand Island, NE
Job Type : Fulltime/Salary

Currently evaluating candidates for Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With input from the Board of Directors and CEO, the CFO will be responsible for the overall direction and control of financial transactions and assets of a multi-divisional, non-profit organization.

> Bachelor’s degree in accounting/business administration, strong skills in accounting principles and procedures.
> Minimum of 5 years experience in business management with related supervisory experience.
> Multi-division and non-profit Accounting experience preferred.
> Strong verbal, written and organization skills.
> A well developed acumen for business.
> Demonstrated decision making and problem solving abilities.
> Ability to motivate, train and supervise employees.
> Ability to get along and work with employees at all levels in agency.
> Demonstrated ability to perform duties which change frequently.
> Must be able to travel to sites, conferences, etc., via automobile, airplane, etc.
> Must have a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Nebraska and meet insurance requirements.

> With input from the Board of Directors and CEO, responsible for financial decision making activities and ensuring short and long-term financial soundness is maintained.
> Establish practices and procedures for the Accounting Department to assure proper accounting internal control safeguards which meet current and future generally accepted accounting principles and federal and state regulatory requirements.
> Oversight of the Accounting, Information Technology and Administration Services/Facilities Departments. This includes mentoring and developing these departments’ respective teams, providing leadership in their work assignments and flow, directing the overall management of the individual team members, ensuring personnel have access to appropriate training to stay current in their professions, etc.
> Assure compliance with all contracts with federal, state, local and private revenue sources.
> Report financial results to the Board of Directors.
> Provide analysis of financial pictures of the organization so that short term and strategic planning may take place.
> Confer with department directors on profit & loss vs. budget results at least quarterly, recommend action if necessary. Consult with departmental directors and staff on significant financial issues effecting their departments and the agency as a whole.
> Responsible for coordinating the development of the operating budget.
> Ensure timely preparation of agency financial reports, e.g. monthly profit and loss reports and other ancillary reports as necessary.
> Staff representative on the Board Finance Committee.
> Direct and control agency assets to assure short term and long term cash needs are met investing excess funds for maximum interest return based on agency policy guidelines.
> Develop, implement and maintain agency accounting system.
> Review all proposed projects or contracts for their impact on agency’s finances.
> Perform internal audits to assure accounting procedures and controls are working.
> Confer with Chief Executive Officer as necessary on items impacting agency’s finances.
> Liaison staff person in annual audit of agency by outside accounting firm as well as all governmental entities. Preparation of PBC’s (Provided by Client).
> Participate in crossover training.
> Reliable and responsible in meeting all necessary deadlines and job responsibilities.
> Able to function effectively as a leader in concert with valuing teamwork in order to support the success of the organization.
> Maintain in-depth, effective relationships with members of the management team.
> Perform additional duties as required.

MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Director of Accounting, Director of IT and Administrative Services Director


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