JobXSite will FIND you candidates that meet your position and company needs!
This will ensure that you do not waste your valuable time and resources interviewing, and possibly settling for… ONLY the candidates that FIND you…


Now, just as we thoroughly evaluate our candidates we also need to learn more about your company and position to ensure that we present THE BEST fit for your company’s needs.

JobXSite takes great pride in creating a personalized recruiting campaign for each client that we partner with. We truly believe that we can be a valuable advisor by thoroughly evaluating the position and selection process. What we find is that some companies are in 911 mode and others are kicking tires. Therefore, we will take you through a series of questions to determine how we prioritize your search.


Each client has their own unique individual hiring process. Knowing the tempo and time between interviews allows us to pace the candidate. We have no problem with short/long processes, only with unexpected changes. We expect open and timely communications from all our clients, and they can expect the same from us.


Once we accept an assignment, we provide a comprehensive service that occurs in 3 distinct, sequential phases:

  • In the recruit phase of the search, we will evaluate your needs and identify motivated talent. Candidates will be pre-screened, presented, and interviews will be arranged.
  • Once mutual interest is established, we work with both you and the candidate to generate an accepted offer. This is called the offer phase. Our job during this phase is to protect you from the aggravation and wasted time caused by a candidate who is either indecisive or insincere.
  • Then there is the transition phase, in which we will help the candidate resign from his/her current position, decline a counter offer attempt, and help the candidate deal with any family or relocation details. We will also follow up after they have started their new job just to see how things are going.


We offer Engaged and Retained search options, so you can be assured of your search being the #1 priority.