Our Contracts & Agreements

JobXSite strongly believes in a front-end agreement versus tail-end negotiations. When you have a critical opening to fill, we have options to fit your needs.


We offer a standard “Contingency” agreement, and an “Engaged” agreement option.

  1. Standard contingency agreement means that if you choose not to hire anyone referred by JobXSite within 1 year of our introduction to your company, you owe us nothing. Fee is calculated a percentage of the referred candidate’s starting salary, and only due if you decide to hire our candidate.
  2. Engaged searches offer a reduced fee percentage of the first year base salary, less an initial engagement fee. This is a great option when you need dedicated recruitment efforts due to confidential circumstances or when it is critical to fill the position quickly. And, it offers a cost savings.


The guarantee is designed to protect our client from circumstances beyond their control, such as a delayed counteroffer acceptance, or unforeseen personal issues affecting the candidate. Should this occur within the first 90 days of employment (and the fee was paid within agreed terms), JobXSite will find the candidate’s replacement at no additional charge to the client per the Contingency agreement. We also offer replacement guarantees of up to 5 years when you elect our “Engaged” search program.


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