Production Engineer

Production Engineer

Location : Omaha, NE
Job Type : Fulltime/Salary

Now seeking an experienced Production Engineer who is able to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven manufacturing environment.

As a Production Engineer you will be responsible for design, maintenance, repair, installation and modification of control systems and equipment.

We need your knowledge and experience of the controls system industry where software meets machinery!

A 2-year engineering degree is required; 4-year preferred
Experience in Design and Retrofit
Must be able to read drawings
Hands-on experience (in an industrial or manufacturing setting) in the following:
• Advanced process managers
• Local control networks
• PLCs
• AutoCad (Design experience)
• Assembly language
• Visual basic
• C++

1. Design flexible and adaptable control systems to achieve desired level of automation.
2. Coordinate the engineering, procurement and training of control systems.
3. Analyze existing control systems for improved engineering possibilities.
4. Write and/or modify PLC programming code.
5. Create or modify necessary supporting documentation (drawings, manuals, etc.)
6. Develop interfaces and interlocks necessary to achieve/maintain desired level of integration.
7. Design equipment or service to meet production needs.
8. Responsible for efficient and timely compliance with the preventive maintenance program on equipment in accordance with preventive maintenance routines.
9. Responsible for all production equipment repair, motor and motor control circuit repair, electrical equipment installation, circuit design, equipment modification and upgrades.
9. Diagnose problems, monitor performance, and repair computerized equipment.
10. Accurately prepare and promptly submit reports as required.

Our client offers a clean, environmentally-controlled work setting; a variety of control systems, equipment; and a skilled staff of technicians, machinists and operators. This is a great opportunity to bring your troubleshooting skills to assist in the maintenance and analysis of existing control systems for improved engineering possibilities!


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