Production Manager

Production Manager

Location : Giltner, NE
Job Type : Fulltime/Salary


Job Responsibilities: The Production Manager / Facility Manager is responsible for continually enhancing the overall operational efficiencies and high standards of manufacturing, ensuring only the highest quality of products are being delivered. This job will require direct communication with employees and/or customers.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
•Planning and scheduling production activities and supervising the production process.
•Ensuring the effective management of production lines of an organization.
•Making sure the good quality production of products on time.
•Ensuring maintenance of cost effective and high-standard production.
•Estimating production costs and determining the high quality standards.
•Tracking and logging time spent on projects to help determine actual production costs.
•Monitoring the production practices and setting the schedules as required.
•Taking decision regarding the operating unit’s layout, size and range of service or product to deliver and design and arrangement of work processes.
•Selecting and maintaining equipment, supervising product standards and enforcing quality-control programs.
•Working with managers effectively to execute the policies and goals of the organization.
•Keeping abreast of health and safety strategies.
•Liaising with different departments such as suppliers, managers and so on to prevent any probable delay.
•Supervising and inspiring team of workers and reviewing the work performance of subordinates.
•Lead & participate directly in the production of the facility.

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