We’re paying up to $250 for Leads!

Refer a candidate or a job opening that ultimately leads to a successful placement, and JobXSite will pay a referral fee!

Our program presents a great opportunity for you to share information that could help a hiring company fill a critical position, or you might help a great candidate learn about their “dream job”! And for the referral, JobXSite will pay a one-time referral fee for each separate successful candidate or job lead filled within 12 months of the introduction. And, the more you refer, the more you can earn.

Don’t overthink it!

Instead of wondering if someone might be happy or unhappy in their current position, it has been our experience that almost everyone is interested in hearing about a potentially stronger opportunity.

Hiring companies appreciate learning about strong candidates that are on the market. Don’t worry about whether or not they use recruiters, but instead consider the referral as a way to help premier organizations save time and money in their hiring process.

There are 3 types of referrals:

  • Those in the job market,
  • Those that may be interested in exploring, and
  • Those that are not interested right now, but may be in the near future.

You would be surprised, but we may already be working with someone interested in interviewing for the referred position as well. That said, we are happy to make the call to find out… with or without disclosing the referral agent so that you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

What positions are we currently working on?

We keep our “Job Openings” up to date on our website. We also post all openings on our facebook page, twitter feed, and you can connect with our team members on Linkedin as well.

How does the program work, you ask?

Once the referral is received, we will contact the candidate or hiring authority. Should your referral be someone we have not met prior, and they choose to work with JobXSite, we will attach your name to their profile as the referral source. Should a successful placement occur within 12 months of the introduction, we send you a referral fee. It is that simple!

Show me the money!

As soon as JobXSite receives payment from our client for the successful placement (usually 10-30 days after the candidate’s start date), we will send you a check in the amount of $250.00!