Senior Machine Design Engineer

Senior Machine Design Engineer

Location : Kearney, NE
Job Type : Fulltime/Salary

Position Summary:
The SENIOR MACHINE DESIGN ENGINEER uses the newest technology to design and build mechanical devices, equipment, and tools that are used in the manufacturing and production processes of various assigned projects. Such projects include: improving operating performance through the development of new and revised production methods, new tooling, equipment selection, design and implementation.

Core competencies:
Resolve process problems; manage tooling progress; recommend and develop design solutions; and improve or correct deficiencies of existing machines and processes.

Primary responsibilities:
• Designs and performs Cad drawing functions to accomplish layout and detail drawings of fabricating machines, tools, dies, and other special adaptations and equipment. Also creates preventive maintenance and operating training procedures when necessary.
• Utilizing general knowledge of machinery operation and material requirements analyzes and resolves machine and equipment problems.
• Develops specifications for tooling and equipment.
• Coordinates efforts with Engineering, Tool Room, Maintenance and Operations personnel to reduce technical problems and maximize efficiency.
• Prepares cost and time estimates on design specifications.
• Must have proven experience in machine control electrical development for manufacturing equipment.
• Manages progress of approved tooling and equipment.
• Troubleshoots tooling and equipment. Facilitates capability studies.
• Travels as required to support engineering objectives.
• May be called upon to provide technical assistance and guidance on product design.
• Recommends and champions cost reduction ideas.
• Works closely with product engineering personnel in reviewing and analyzing previously developed designs for the purpose of making improvements.
• Develops and coordinates comprehensive proposals for assigned projects for the purpose of manufacturing improved products and reducing operating costs while maintaining a safe work environment.
• Coordinates and expedites assigned engineering projects from inception to completion.
• Is responsible for efficiently coordinating outside vendor contact on projects that require their involvement.
• Assures that drawings meet document control requirements.
• Responsible for keeping abreast of developments in the field through contacts with professional societies, educational centers, journals, periodicals, etc.

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
5+ years related manufacturing experience
Extensive knowledge in mechanical design, drawing, mathematics, shop practices, layout, etc.


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