Service Engineer

Service Engineer

Location : Kearney, NE
Job Type :

Now Hiring: Service Engineer

Position Summary:
Assists in responding to customer inquiries, problems, and complaints. Processes returned filters and conducts analyses of product deficiencies. Researches possible new products. Investigates filter installations and problems and assists the sales department in product presentations.

1. Keeps department supervisor fully informed of activities and calls. Special attention to unusual product
conditions and situations.
1. Responds to customer correspondence concerning product complaints, warranty problems, filing of damage
claims, and requests for product information, e.g. catalog and technical information.
2. Requests laboratory reports and interprets results for returned product.
3. Requests quality assurance investigations of products as needed.
4. Initiates credits for returned warranty problems.
5. Locates, receives authorization and travels to field locations to check filter installations and problems.
6. Performs investigations on product deficiencies.
7. Researches information on possible new products and relates to the appropriate departments and personnel.
8. Initiates purchase requisitions for samples of original equipment products for comparison purposes.
9. Provides reports on activity as requested by supervisor.
10. Assists sales department when necessary with presentations concerning product applications and service.
11. Responsible for quality and safety of own work and compliance of all company procedures and policies.

Bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology.
Approximately three years’ experience in company procedures, policies, product line, manufacturing, sales,
industry policies, and equipment capabilities helpful.


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