Client Services

For companies with “hard-to-fill” critical positions, JobXSite offers a specialized recruiting campaign to identify, evaluate, and present ONLY the top talent according to YOUR hiring preferences. JobXSite not only considers the most important job functions of each position, but also the culture and values of the organization to determine if a candidate is the best fit for the role.

JobXSite’s objective is to save your organization time and money by introducing hiring managers to ONLY the most qualified candidates. Not only does this allow key personnel to focus on functions that generate revenue, but JobXSite will also produce a cost saving by filling a critical position faster with a candidate that can “hit the ground running”. Additionally, all placements are guaranteed which contributes to a reduction in turnover, but more importantly, peace of mind. See Testimonials

Stay Ahead of the Competition
Contingency recruitment helps companies build the teams they need to stay competitive. This option let’s you hear about the Game-Changers when they hit the market! Sometimes it makes sense to pay only when the process is complete and your new A-Player is on board.
Time is Money
A retained search is perfect for urgent, specialized or confidential recruitment. With mutual commitment to the search process, we pledge to swiftly present Top Performers. And, because we continuously identify, locate and evaluate candidates we can do so with the speed and precision that is sure to produce results.
Focused on Retention
We offer a 5 year replacement guarantee program that is designed to offer our clients “peace of mind” in their hiring decision, and to protect our clients from circumstances beyond their control.
Specializing in Engineering and Manufacturing Industries

JobXSite offers a solid understanding of recruiting fundamentals and principles, and is especially skillful at rural and remote recruitment. We have the ability to fill a wide variety of positions, and have a wide variety of candidates in our network.


Candidate Services

JobXSite is always looking to meet the best people in their position and industry. We offer a professional and confidential approach for you to expand your network.

We start with a candidate evaluation geared toward your personal and professional goals, your background and expertise, and your tangible contributions. With this information, we then look for a parallel connection.

JobXSite’s mission to our candidates is to become a trusted advisor for your career goals. We will assist you with interview preparation, salary negotiations, resignations, and much more. See Testimonials

JobXSite can help is through the construction of a personalized and professional resume that will attract the attention of the busy hiring manager. No matter the number of applicants competing for the same position, if you are not receiving the attention you deserve then your resume may be to blame. See Testimonials

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